Burger lovers of Everett, you are in luck. Everett has some of the most delicious burgers in the area. From quick and classic burgers to the deluxe loaded-with-extras burgers, Everett has a bit of everything.

At Nick Jr.’s Burgers, try the “Fusion Burger,” a unique burger made with Gyro meat on top of the usual beef patty. Rounded off with Nick’s homemade mayonnaise, this burger is sure to offer a taste you have yet to experience. At Z’s, the burger menu is endless. Choose between either a classic burger or the house favorites like the “Virginia Burger,” which is made with a slice of ham and American cheese, or the “Italian Sausage Burger,” which is made with sausage instead of beef. For a more overall classic dining experience, swing by Burgermaster. The restaurant is local to Seattle and offers a more classic burger experience. Though you can choose from options like the “Baconmaster,” Burgermaster also provides the simple beef patty, pickle, lettuce delicacy experience as well.

The burger options are certainly not limited to these three locations. If you love burgers, you will love the restaurants in Everett.